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Cable-Stayed Bridges

We are experts at executing cable-stayed structures. Our system is based on the use of individual and individually-protected galvanized tendons via individual PEAD ducts and wax stored in collective ducts, which provides up to 4 effective barriers against corrosion.

The cables can be constructed tendon by tendon, or may be pre-manufactured. In the first phase, the tensioning is carried out by means of a single jack to ensure that all the tendons maintain the same level of tension. Successive tensioning phases can be carried out tendon by tendon or by means of a multiple jack.

Our Cable-Stayed Bridges system is well known for its ability to be regulated using a multiple jack, which is tailored to each project. The tension of each cable is subsequently adjusted until the theoretical final load of the structure is obtained, which can be done quickly and simply, ensuring the tension of the collective cable in each adjustment.

Our Cable System has been tested by the most rigorous standards including FIB, PTI and SETRA requirements, among others. Our equipment has a pushing capacity of 680 tons and an elevation capacity of 1570 tons. This equipment is able to move a deck more than 1 horizontal km with a capacity of up to 7 m/h.

Erne River Viaduct, Ireland

Lamas Arc, Spain

Ricobayo Arc, Spain

Los Tilos Arc, Spain

Arriaca Bridge, Spain

AP-3 Bridge Ocaña-La Roda, Spain

Las Rozas Viaduct, Spain

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