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We have experience designing and constructing special caissons, such as the ones we completed for the Granadilla Power Plant. We also have experience designing and constructing port caissons, having completed more than 10 large-scale projects throughout Spain.

Caissons are hollow concrete structures that are used in different types of construction. They are usually used for marine works, bridge pillars, viaducts, and other types of semi-submerged foundations.

There are various types of caissons depending on the construction work: open, box and pneumatic. These structures are usually filled with concrete to solidify them.

Types of Caissons

Open Caissons

Open caissons are concrete pillars that have an open bottom and top during construction. With its sharp base edge called the cutting edge, the caisson sinks vertically until reaching the leveling embankment. Then the bottom is sealed, the caisson is detwatered and the caisson is filled with concrete.

Box Caissons

Box caissons are constructed on land with a closed bottom and then transported. They require a prepared base at the bottom of a reservoir, river, ocean, etc. Once in place, it is filled with sand, concrete, water or ballast until underground.

Pneumatic Caissons

The pneumatic caisson is the most complex type of caisson. This is a construction technique for unstable soil, meaning it may move. The caisson has a 3-meter work chamber at its bottom that is pressurized with compressed air, allowing the workers to excavate the soil and inject concrete. Workers entering the caisson may have to enter a decompression chamber.

We often construct caissons to lift viaducts such as the Montabliz or to expand ports like the in Valencia. We also used in Mallorca to grow their capacity.Water complicates infrastructure construction and is especially difficult.

Nevertheless, the caissons can also be used in dry construction work. Railway caissons are an example of that. They are hollow, open and parallel to the ground to allow vehicles or animals to pass perpendicular to the train route

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