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What is a power train system?

A vehicle’s power train system is the system that allows the power generated by the engine to be transmitted to the wheels in both electric and combustion vehicles. The power train system is what lets the vehicle move.

The power train system is also known as the propulsion system

What parts make up a power train system?

The power train system varies from vehicle to vehicle; however, the main parts include the following:

  • In combustion vehicles:
    • Engine: the main energy source of the vehicle.
    • Clutch: the part that makes it possible to engage and disengage the engine from the transmission without turning off the engine.
    • Gearbox or transmission: the component that controls the relationship between the engine and the wheels and which allows the vehicle to move at different speeds. In manual transmission vehicles, the gearbox is composed of a set of gears that are engaged to or disengaged from the engine to change gear through the clutch.
    • Differential: the set of gears located on the transition shaft, which lets the wheels rotate at the same or different speeds, depending on whether the vehicle is moving in a straight line or in a curve. In a curve, the outer wheel must travel farther than the inner wheel in the same amount of time, so it must move faster. This speed difference is made possible by the differential gear.
    • Shafts and drive shaft: the structure that connects the parts to one another.
  • In electric vehicles:

In electric vehicles, the power train system is composed of the same parts as in combustion vehicles, but there are also the following:

  • Inverter and transformer: transfer the energy from one part to another and are responsible for transforming it so that it can be transmitted to each part of the system.
  • Battery: in electric cars, these are indispensable in order for the engine to run.
  • Charging system: connected to the power train system in order to enable regenerative braking.

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