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Railway infrastructures

¿What are railway infrastructures?

Railroad infrastructure includes all the structures, buildings, land, and equipment to support rail lines.

Railway infrastructure isn’t just limited to tracks; it includes all the structures, buildings, land, and equipment to support the rail lines. That support includes management, passenger, freight transport, and maintenance. 

According to World Bank data, 2,264,000,000 passengers were carried by railway in 2007 (the latest figures available) and close to 6 billions tons of goods were transported by train that same year. 

In the U.S. alone, Amtrak, the national rail operator, sees a daily average of almost 86,000 passengers on its network of 300 trains nationwide. The country’s freight rail network is a $60 billion industry and is considered one of the most dynamic freight systems in the world. This network is made up of 140,000 rail miles operated by seven Class I railroads, 21 regional railroads, and 510 local railroads. 

According to the US Federal Rail Administration, “freight railroads are private organizations are responsible for their own maintenance and improvement projects. Compared with other major industries, they invest in one of the highest percentages of revenues to maintain and add capacity to their system.”

Since 1952, we have developed more than 4,600 kilometers of railways and 722 kilometers are high-speed lines. To help transport those 2 million plus passengers and 6 billions tons of goods safely and securely, we continue working to increase security at all points of the route. 

We also participate in projects such as Safeway (2018-2020), an initiative to improve the reliability of the infrastructure and its capacity, as well as reducing costs. 

Rail transport is more efficient for moving goods than by air, road and even maritime which could account for its popularity. To ensure it is a good environmental system is in place, we are focused on meeting the Sustainable Development Goals regarding emissions lowering in the work that we carry out. 

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