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Building reconstruction vs renovation

Improving the energy performance of building stocks is crucial, not only to achieve Sustainable Development objectives but also to meet climate change objectives.

Existing housing stocks are responsible for approximately 36% of CO2 emissions in the European Union. Decarbonizing housing by 2050 is a long-term objective of the EU.

Existing buildings were mostly constructed without thinking about the energy consumption needed for its appropriate functioning; building energy demand was met by oversized climate control installations to reach appropriate temperatures.

But there has been a shift in the way we think about this. A building’s energy performance is just as important as using renewable energy, sustainable materials, etc.

The regulatory framework of the Technical Building Code (CTE) and its modification project establish new standards for new buildings and renovations on existing buildings. The framework limits energy consumption to almost zero with a low or very low energy demand that must be covered, in part, by renewable energy.

Housing renovations and the environment

We have been working on making sustainable housing renovations a reality for years. We have searched for construction solutions, analyzed financial tools that have allowed us to invest via with long-term loans, and worked on raising awareness among owners, explaining the benefits associated with these current cultural changes.

We have participated in consortium innovation projects such as: PRENDE, MIRE3D and BIMERR which — by means of ICT — help us make our cities more efficient and sustainable, leading them towards a lowcarbon economy.

Committed to sustainable construction

The transformation of existing building stocks into nearly zero-energy buildings technically implies the incorporation of construction solutions in the building envelope (facade, roof, windows…) to reduce energy demand and the modification of climate control installations, sanitary hot water, and lighting with the incorporation of renewable energies.

The advantages associated with renovating buildings… the idea of improved user comfort… the redefinition of the concept that “buildings are used by people” to “buildings are focused on people”… all alongside a responsible and sustainable construction standard.

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