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A theater is a place where plays and other dramatic performances are given.

Communities have been building and performing in theaters for thousands of years. During all this time, the standard theater layout has seen very little changes.

You have a stage front and center with rows of seats for viewing and individual viewing boxes on the side for VIP guests, combined with an orchestra pit nestled in front of and just below the stage.

However, the sound quality is one of the primary factors that has changed over time, thanks largely to a better understanding of acoustics and the invention of modern building materials. 

Theaters have long been iconic structures as far back as the ancient Greek theaters like the Theatre of Epidaurus to the more modern Egg Theater in Albany, New York, and the unmistakable Sydney Opera House

Some of these theaters are so essential to the community that they have remained in operation for hundreds of years. Some examples of world theaters are the Theatre Royal in London, built in 1663, and America’s oldest theater, the Walnut Street Theater, which opened in 1809 in Philadelphia. 

These old theaters require additional care to maintain them. This is why the rehabilitation of such historical spaces is a key area in which we specialize. 

In 2002, we received the Menorca Architecture prize for the Mahón Theater rehabilitation. The Mahón dates back to 1829 and was designed by the architect Giovanni Palagi. The rehabilitation was carried out between 1997 and 2001 to maintain the authentic design of the 18th-century Italian theaters, while incorporating 21st century technology. 

Another award-winning project we worked on was the Teatro Regio de Almansa. This theater was built in 1929, but by 2003 it had become outdated in terms of technology and security. While protecting historical heritage is a critical aspect of the renovation process, the goals of adequate restoration and modernization need to complete each other.

The theaters we renovate now have optimal acoustics and a level of comfort higher than they had at the time they were built, with their heritage remaining intact. 

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