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What We Do?

As thought leaders and pioneers, NextMove makes innovative digital solutions that power the future of mobility for a world on the move.

We partner with our parent company, Cintra, to improve mobility for communities in North America and add value to existing infrastructure by bringing innovative offerings that power a 21st century world.

Our aim is to utilize technology to improve and expand the value of existing infrastructure and work with our partners in the transportation sector to bring added value through digital solutions, including:


NextPass is an easy-to-use toll payment app. With price transparency and control of toll spending, NextPass provides a seamless experience for users coupled with friendly and reliable customer support.   

Currently available for use in the Commonwealth of Virginia and will soon be expanded to other states and cities in the United States.

Road Usage Charging

What is Road Usage Charging?

Road Usage Charging or “RUC” is an alternative and innovative funding approach for the maintenance and operations of our transport infrastructure.  

Why is there a need for an alternative funding approach?  

With the significant increase in the fuel economy of today’s vehicles, the sharp increase in electric vehicles (EVs) and the lack of a federal fuel tax increase since 1993, there is a significant shortfall in the gas taxes collected.  This shortfall creates a burden for not only the public sector but also the general population because taxpayers end up paying for the impact of others on the road.  RUC is an equitable, pay-by-mile approach that distributes the cost of maintenance fairly across all drivers.  Those who drive more, pay more.  Those who drive less, pay less.  Ultimately, RUC reduces the funding gap needed to not only maintain transportation infrastructure but improve it as well.

At NextMove, we offer a variety of solutions to our public partners in the RUC space.  As  a part of Cintra, we bring decades of experience in the innovative funding of infrastructure. 

RUC is also referred to as distance-based user fees (DBUF), vehicle miles traveled tax (VMTT), mileage-based user fees (MBUF) and Pay Per Use (PPU).

Our Solutions

NextPass, an easy-to-use toll payment app

With price transparency and control of toll spending, it provides a seamless experience for users.

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