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Connected to Communities

Being connected to the communities we serve is integral to our success. By building lasting connections with our communities, we can better understand our stakeholders’ unique needs.

What We Do

Creating Value for Drivers and Communities Alike

As communities continue to grow at a rapid pace, the time we spend stuck in traffic continues to rise.  Cintra aims to reduce latent travel time so that individuals can spend more time on what matters most to them.  

Our roadway projects are designed to ease congestion, enhance productivity, and improve quality of life across the world’s fastest-growing regions. From a faster trip home after a long day at work, to arriving at an appointment on time, how we get around has a tremendous impact.  

The value generated for our communities starts day one, during the design and construction of our projects. Cintra benefits regional economies by leveraging local talent and partnerships.  With a strategy to develop unskilled or semi-skilled individuals, Cintra, in conjunction with Ferrovial Construction, works with impactful local partners to expand existing training to develop new programs for jobs unique to our projects.

Driving Forward by Giving Back

Cintra and its portfolio of projects give back to the communities they serve, working with local organizations that support critical services that drive communities forward, including supporting STEM-based curriculum, health and wellbeing initiatives, and driver safety education and response training.

Local Efforts in Action

Community engagement can provide significant economic, environmental, and social value to those that receive it.  That’s why we want to be active partners through volunteerism and donation-making. 

Our approach targets local partnerships and initiatives that can generate more equitable outcomes in four key areas: STEM education, driver safety and response training, environmental stewardship, and health and wellbeing.  Read about a few of the efforts Cintra’s portfolio has executed: 


407 ETR is driven to make life better on and off the highway and gives back to the Toronto community.

Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

The TEXpress Lanes team is committed to making a positive impact, focused on projects and programs that grow the sustainability of our society, culture and environment.

Fairfax, Virginia

66 Express Outside the Beltway partners with some of the Northern Virginia’s most high-impact charitable organizations, contributing funding and volunteer time.

Charlotte, North Carolina

I-77 Express is a part of the community—not just a business within it.  Check out the ways the team supports their neighbors within the I-77 corridor from Charlotte to Mooresville.

Equitable By Design

We look to enhance accessibility and generate benefits where possible. Through our public-private partnership (P3) approach, we can often work closely with its state and municipal (local) partners to enhance the proposed design of its roadway projects, improving environmental and accessibility outcomes for the benefit of the local community. 

i66 brochure

Case Study: I-66 Highway

The Transform 66 Outside the Beltway P3 project is the first major procurement to follow Virginia’s reformed P3 process.

Connecting Our World

Our connections support our ability to futureproof our portfolio by focusing on safe operations

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