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    A new form of freight transport. What will urban logistics look like?

    Urban logistics are those actions that occur during the management and transport of goods both inside and outside a metropolitan area. These activities have seen major changes in recent years, mainly due to the rise of e-commerce. What shape will cities take with these new trend?

    To answer this, we are looking for collaborators like you who can share their thoughts and predictions on how future cities will look like

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    How is urban logistics evolving?

    Urban logistics has undergone extraordinary changes in recent years. Evolving market dynamics, rising customer expectations due to tech players’ disruptive innovation, and systemic complexity have come together to create an urban logistics landscape with many business opportunities. However, it is also plagued with several challenges.

    New participants and tech disruptions within the ecosystem are challenging the status quo, driving new and innovative delivery solutions, and forcing traditional competitors to rethink their assumptions about how to optimize their value chain property. The COVID-19 crisis has further accelerated e-commerce’s transformation.

    The four main developments impacting urban logistics:

    • The growth of e-commerce
    • The evolution of cities
    • Increase in user expectations
    • New disruptive technologies
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