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“Ferrovial Together COVID-19” Fund

We have set up the “Ferrovial Together COVID-19” fund with an endowment of up to 8.7 million euros to raise proceeds for the fight against the pandemic.

We made an initial contribution of €5 million from the company. At the same time, we launched a drive to raise funds among employees, directors, shareholders, contractors, suppliers and anyone wishing to make a contribution, based on the company’s commitment to double all donations. To date, the “Ferrovial Together COVID-19” fund has raised €8.690 million through contributions by Ferrovial and third parties.

The “Ferrovial Together COVID-19” fund was used to make donations to the Health Administration, hospitals, universities, research & development centers, and NGOs in a series of specific projects. These projects were focus on the acquisition of medical supplies and medical equipment and the investigation of pharmacological solutions or vaccines to combat the effects of the pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus. The company also donated funds to help vulnerable groups or those at risk of exclusion as a result of the current health crisis. The awarding of the funds were done with full transparency, indicating the beneficiary entity and the project.

Check the terms of the policy for the “Ferrovial Together COVID-19” fund. 

If you are interested in declaring the donation in your 2021 tax filing, please find the relevant information below.

Distribution of the first, second and third tranche of donations

We have completed the distribution of €8.69 million out of the “Ferrovial Together COVID-19” fund, through organizations fighting the pandemic in the social, healthcare and research dimensions, in Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Poland and Portugal. That is the total amount of aid distributed to date, and includes the figures disclosed on 8 and 28 May.

Spain is the country that has received the largest share of funds to date (€5 million), followed by the United States (€1.33 million) and the United Kingdom (€1 million). Other recipients are Peru (€435,000), Colombia (€380,000), Chile (€200,000), Poland (€150,000) and Portugal (€195,000).

Donations for healthcare equipment

In the area of healthcare, the company has allocated €3.555 million for the acquisition of healthcare equipment, with the distribution being as follows:

InstitutionAmount (Euro)Material
Salud Madrid (Spain)1,000,000300,000 FFP2 masks70 respirators
Servicio Andaluz de Salud (Spain)625,000150,000 FFP2 masks30,000 tests
Servicio Gallego de Salud (Spain)200,00080,000 FFP2 masks
Agencia Valenciana de Salud (Spain)450,00080,000 FFP2 masks30,000 tests
Servicio de Salud de Castilla-La Mancha (Spain)125,00050,000 FFP2 masks
Servicio Cántabro de Salud (Spain)100,00040,000 FFP2 masks
Servicio Catalán de Salud (Spain)250,00030,000 tests
Servicio Canario de Salud (Spain)250,000100,000 FFP2 masks
National Health Service (UK)60,00020 respirators
Amey Supporting Care (UK)45,000Masks and protective equipment
Hospital Infantil Roberto del Río (Chile)10,000Masks and hygiene material
Hospital de Santarem (Portugal)25,000PPE and healthcare material
Red Cross (Portugal)25,000Protective and hygiene material
Red Cross (Poland)115,000Protective and hygiene material
Red Cross (Colombia)80,00030,000 FFP2 masks70,000 surgical masks
Ministerio de Salud (Peru)195,00027,000 tests

Social donations

The health crisis is having a major economic impact, especially on families that were already in a vulnerable situation. The effect of the pandemic has increased the number of people in a situation of social risk, who are also experiencing greater difficulty in meeting basic needs such as food, hygiene products and medicine. Ferrovial has donated €4.235 million to prestigious institutions in this field. They include Caritas, CESAL, World Vision and World Central Kitchen, in Spain; The Trussell Trust Food Bank, in the UK; various food banks and World Central Kitchen, in the United States; Techo, in Chile; Action Against Hunger, in Colombia; CESAL and Ayuda en Acción, in Peru; and the Red Cross in Portugal and Poland. This aid will reach around 115,000 people, enabling the distribution of 1,710,000 meals.

Caritas (Spain)1,000,000Support for families, elderly and homeless people in Alcalá de Henares, Getafe, Huelva, Madrid, Málaga, Santander, Santiago de Compostela, Sevilla, Valencia, Ávila, Tortosa, Ciudad Rodrigo, Huesca, Guadix, Vic, Jaca, Canarias, Soria.
World Vision250,000Food centers in Barcelona, Madrid, Sevilla, Alicante, Santiago de Compostela, Santander, Granada, Mieres.
CESAL-Ayuntamiento de Madrid300,000Daily meals in the Villaverde and La Latina districts
Fundación Colegio de Caminos (Spain)10,000Support for members affected by COVID-19
The Trussell Trust Food Bank (UK)300,000Vauxhall Foodbank (London), Glasgow NW Foodbank, Burngreave Foodbank (Sheffield), South Liverpool Foodbank, Cardiff Foodbank, Aston & Nechells Foodbank (Birmingham), Falkirk Foodbank, Belfast West Foodbank, Leeds South and East Foodbank, North Bristol Foodbank, Dorking Area Foodbank, Blackwood and District Foodbank (Wales)
SSAFA Emergency Response Fund (UK)50,000Assistance for vulnerable personnel in the British Armed Forces
Lighthouse Construction Charity (UK)50,000Support for construction workers
World Central Kitchen (Spain)180,000Food for distribution to meal centers in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Sevilla
World Central Kitchen (USA)185,000Food for distribution to meal centers in  Washington DC
Food banks (USA)1,000,000Foundation for Fairfax Public Schools, Virginia Capital Area Food Bank (VA); Houston Food Bank, Tarrant Area Food Bank, West Texas Food Bank, North Texas Food Bank, Central Texas Food Bank, Covid Relief Fund (OneStar Foundation), Central Texas Meals on Wheels, Caritas of Waco (TX); Atlanta Food Bank, Atlanta Meals on Wheels (GA); Kern County Food Bank (CA); Second Harvest, Loaves and Fishes – Mecklenburg County (NC) Greater Capital Area Food Bank (DC). Denver Food Bank of the Rockies (CO)
Techo (Chile)190,000Hygiene kits, and food and meals for meal centers.
Semente – Voluntarios Lipor (Portugal)50,000Support for families
Casa do Misericordia (Portugal)50,000Persons aged 65 and over in Porto, Vila Nova de Gaia, Matosinhos, Maia, Valongo and Vila do Conde
Acción contra el Hambre (Colombia)300,000Delivery of food packages and hygiene kits to families in Bogotá and other cities
CESAL (Peru)100,000Delivery of food and hygiene kits to families in Lima Este
Ayuda en Acción (Peru)140,000Delivery of food and hygiene kits to families and health centers in Callao.
Red Cross (Poland)80,000Distribution of food and hygiene products

Donations for research

Ferrovial, which is making major efforts to combat the pandemic, is also supporting research to develop a vaccine for the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, which is the cause of the COVID-19 pandemic. We have donated €500,000 to University of Oxford, which is undertaking one of the most advanced projects to develop a vaccine. It also allocated €250,000 for two vaccine projects at Spain’s National Centre for Biotechnology, which is part of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), and €150,000 to Baylor College of Medicine, in Texas, which is working to develop a vaccine that modifies the virus proteins.

InstitutionAmount (Euro)Project
Centro Nacional de Biotecnología (CSIC) (Spain)250,000Research into two potential vaccines
Oxford University (UK)500,000Research for vaccine development
Baylor Collegue of Medicine (Houston. USA)150,000Research for vaccine development

Access the press release here.

How to declare the donation on your 2021 tax filing

Procedures to declare the donation

If the donor of the Ferrovial Juntos COVID-19 Fund wishes to apply the deduction for donations applicable to personal income tax, he or she must send an email to juntoscovid19@ferrovial.com:

  • Name and surname(s)
  • DNI
  • Address
  • Proof of the transfer of the donation

The donor must add the authorization for Ferrovial to communicate its data to the beneficiary entity for the sole purpose of issuing the justifying certificate and necessary for the practice of the deduction. In order to process your data for the purpose of obtaining your certificate, you must include the phrase in the mail you send us with your identification data: “I consent to the processing and transfer of my data for the purpose of obtaining the certificate based on the following Privacy Policy”.

Read the Information clause on the Ferrovial Juntos COVID-19 programme.

Details for United States

Personal Income Tax – In general, donations made by Ferrovial US employees or other individuals to qualified organizations (e.g. foundation organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes, church or other religious organization, etc.) may be deducted from the Personal Income Tax up to 50% of the adjusted gross income. For applying this deduction to individual benefactors, Ferrovial should be able to obtain from the beneficiary entities the corresponding receipts with the identification of the benefactors.

Details for United Kingdom

Personal Income Tax – Donations to charity from UK individuals can get tax relief if they are made through: i. Gift Aid: it can be claimed on most of donations and gives the donor the benefit to claim an extra 25p for every £1 he donates. ii. Payroll Giving (i.e. through the donor´s wages or pension): since these donations happen before Personal Income Tax is deducted from the donor´s income, the tax relief obtained would depend on the rate of tax the donor is subject to. To donate £1, the donor pays (a) 80p if the donor is a basic rate taxpayer, (b) 60p if the donor is a higher rate taxpayer or (c) 55p if the donor is an additional rate taxpayer.

Details for Portugal

Personal Income Tax – Donations made by Ferrovial Portuguese employees or other individuals may be deducted from the Personal Income Tax in an amount corresponding to 25% of the assigned amount, up to a limit of 15% of the total taxable income. For applying this deduction to individual benefactors, Ferrovial should be able to obtain from the beneficiary entities the corresponding receipts with the identification of the benefactors.

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