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Agreements of shareholders´ meeting of Ferrovial Agroman


Published on 07/06/2000

In compliance with article 82 of the Law on the Equity Market, Ferrovial Agroman, S.A., hereby notifies the CNMV (Spanish SEC) of the following:


The following points, amongst others, were passed at the Ordinary General Shareholders Meeting today:

One: To approve the de-listing of the shares representing the companys capital from the Official Secondary Market of the Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao Stock Exchanges and from the stock exchange networking system and to approve notification of the same to the CNMV, requesting authorization for de-listing.

Two: To approve the formulation of a take-over bid for 1,590,157 shares, which represent 0.66% of share capital, as Grupo Ferrovial, S.A. and its subsidiary company Jarapico, S.L. have expressed their intention of not subscribing to the take-over bid and of immobilizing their shares until the period for accepting the bid comes to an end.

Third: To approve a price range of ?7.4 to ?8 per share in cash for the purchase of the shares, without prejudice to what the CNMV may finally authorize.

Apart from the above points and, amongst others, the Annual Financial Statements and the Management Report were approved at the Meeting, the appointment of the Company Directors designated by the cooptation system at the Board Meeting held on 11 January 2000 was ratified and the re-election of the company Arthur Andersen y Cía. S. Com as the auditors of the accounts of Ferrovial Agromán, S.A. and its consolidated companies was agreed.

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