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Pedestrian Crossing Sign

What is a pedestrian crossing sign?

The pedestrian crossing sign is a common traffic sign in urban and suburban areas that warns vehicles that there are pedestrians in the area. It also indicates the demarcated areas for the pedestrian crossing – that is, where they can cross the road for motor vehicles and cross the street to reach the opposite sidewalk.

Where are pedestrian crossing signs located?

These signs usually face the roadway so that vehicles driving on the road can see them from a distance and slow down and stop if necessary, but they also allow passers-by to identify safe places to cross

The signals are generally located next to the striped crossing area, which is usually a set of thick lines painted at intersections on the pavement. The sign is set up on a pole that may be shared with other signs or just for this one; it is located on the edge of the road or on the sidewalk. Traffic signs usually stand more than 1.5 meters and less than 2.2 meters high, though this may vary depending on the legislation in each country or region or the specific needs of each situation.

What does a pedestrian crossing sign look like?

An illustration of one or more anthropomorphic figures walking is a fairly universal sign for a pedestrian crossing; however, each country has its own traffic signal code that may contain variations. 

In the United States, the sign is usually a yellow diamond with the figure painted in black. According to the Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Signals, which has been adopted by most European countries, the background should be blue or black with a white or yellow triangle and the symbol of the person walking in black or dark blue.

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