The Movers

The Movers: a Ferrovial docuseries

Learn about the day-to-day of those people who help the world move: our employees. We hope you like it!

Episode 4

Community and Infrastructure: A Day in the Life of a Ferrovial PR Specialist

Gina Torres has always sought to make an impact using the most powerful tool: her voice. She soon discovered that her passion was public relations and not the media, and for over six years, she has been leading community communications for Ferrovial Construction in Fresno, California. Following in her grandmother’s footsteps, she works to keep all parties informed, nurturing relationships with neighbors, authorities, farmers, and partners.

In this episode, we delve into her busy day to learn more about the importance of communication (and always having a charged cell phone!).

Episode 3

 Gliding Towards a More Inclusive and Innovative Aviation Sector

Fiona Smith was born in a village near Glasgow and has been interested in science and mathematics since she was a child, so much so that she decided to study aerospace engineering, an exciting challenge. She inherited her mother’s leadership skills which, combined with her many other qualities, has turned Fiona into a game changer in the aviation industry. As head of airfield strategy for AGS Airports, she is working hard to make the industry more innovative and inclusive.

In this episode she reveals what day-to-day life is like working at an airport and how she is evolving the industry in Scotland.

Episode 2

Transforming Houston through Infrastructure Development

Since he was a child, Ryan McCalla, was always fascinated by construction. He grew up in Houston and, as an engineer, has had the opportunity to actively develop his city. Today he’s the VP of Heavy Civil Operations in Texas for Webber, where he started as an intern.

So how did he end up becoming VP? In this episode, we follow him during his working day and learn more about his journey.

Episode 1

Madrid Architecture: Transforming the City You Call Home

Throughout her career as a construction manager, Laura Soler has had the opportunity to work on many emblematic buildings in Madrid, the city where she was born and which she loves to this day. From the Beti-Jai fronton to the Casa de la Panadería in Madrid’s iconic Plaza Mayor. And this all started when she joined the Ferrovial team after finishing her degree in technical architecture.


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