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Silos and Industrial Construction

Since 1968, we have used the splitform system to build more than 350 silos to store all kinds of materials — cement, clinker, sugar, flour, cereals, slag, etc.— in a variety of sizes and typologies — cylindrical, multi-chamber, cell batteries (multicellular), etc. — sometimes reaching diameters of more than 50 meters and heights in excess of 100 meters.

Although the range of projects includes everything from solar farms to construction of ships with prefabricated elements, one of the common elements are silos and storage spaces to keep materials in optimal conditions.

To construct the sugar silo in Olmedo (dimensions: 50 m in diameter and 50 m tall), we set up the slipform system to raise the roof while, at the same time, the concrete of the structure was sliding.

Industrial construction: Towers

Within industrial construction sector we also build (in addition to silos) preheating towers (cyclone towers) for cement plants. One that stands out is in Tudela Veguín, as it was constructed with a type of concrete that is highly resistant to extreme temperatures and temperature changes. Prilling towers are extremely tall, vertical constructions used to produce fertilizers in the shape of spherical particles or prills. These towers are a specific and infrequent use of preheating towers (using direct contact method). Melted fertilizer pulverizes and condenses in seconds.

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