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What We Do

Our main activities are slipform, heavy lifting and the construction of caissons, storage tanks, solar power towers, and silos. We also do engineering works and sell hydraulic equipment.

We are specialized in executing numerous elements of civil construction work, and our job consists of lifting bridge piers and pylons. Thanks to our slipform technology, we have been able to increase the speed of constructing these key infrastructures while also increasing their safety. We also use this technology when constructing surge tanks, galleries and floodgate towers. We also use it in hydraulic works and to coat wells in underground works.


Our Areas of Specialization

Slipform Formwork

Technique that facilitates the construction of tall and thin structures, chimneys, pillars

Moving Large Loads

This activity takes place in civil construction works and large infrastructures.


We have experience designing and constructing special caissons.

Singular Construction

It covers the construction, renovation or intervention of characteristic structures.

Industrial Construction

We have used the splitform system to build silos to store all kinds of materials.

Industrial Chimneys

We design, project and construct chimneys for all types of industrial plants.

Solar Power Towers

We have a wide range of experience from constructing two solar power towers.

Heavy Lifting

Of all the special work we do, heavy lifting with BYGGING hydraulic systems stands out.

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