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Singular Construction

Singular construction covers the construction, renovation or intervention of characteristic structures (due to their size, typology, end use, construction difficulty or historic and social context)

They tend to be considered “special,” are frequently considered emblematic, and are often buildings that provide services, leisure activities, or form part of a city’s historic heritage.

Using the slipform method, Edytesa executes building cores in a fast and uninterrupted manner, bringing many advantages to these projects: simultaneous lifting of tower crane, immediate placement of an auxiliary lift, implementation of holes, lifting and lowering of heavy loads such as, falseworks or steel structures.

With this system we have constructed singular building works such as the Madrid communications tower (called “Pirulí”), the control tower at the El Prat Airport in Barcelona, and the Punta lighthouse in Punta Hidalgo, Tenerife. 

Types of Singular Construction

Some common examples are:

  • Public centers
  • Theaters
  • Auditoriums
  • Sports centers
  • Stadiums
  • Shopping malls and tall buildings

We also work on expansion, improvement and renovation works such as the addition of special covers, treatment of enveloping surfaces, and pillar conservation, among other projects.

This means that singular construction is a precise, delicate and ad hoc type of construction that is very difficult, or impossible, to standardize. Although we learn from every construction, it is difficult to use the solution implemented in one project on another one due to their singularity. This is the case for spaces such as the old Mediodía Power Plant (1899), known today as the CaixaForum building in Madrid, or the San Telmo Palace (1682) (which is currently being restored).

The old plant was restored, renovated and expanded from its original 2,000 m — full of coal cellars, generators and turbines — to its current 10,000m — now used as a exhibition hall thanks to the addition of two underground floors and an above-ground structure. The goal of the palace restoration project was to recover the building’s original structure.

Singular Construction, Including Homes

To carry out all the work mentioned above, you need to work with a professional team —including a construction manager specialized in singular construction — and historical building conservation experts. Nevertheless, not all singular construction work starts from an existing base. New construction is also very common in this sector.

Building from zero, including homes, can also be considered singular construction if one of its characteristics is noteworthy. This is the case for sustainable construction works, such as the 80 homes we built in Tres Cantos (Madrid) with the objective of reducing energy and water consumption while decreasing greenhouse gas emissions.

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