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What We Do

We are a subsidiary of the Ferrovial group, a global leader in construction and infrastructure management.

We first opened our doors as Procedimientos Barredo in 1957. At the time, we were the post-tensioning pioneers in Spain. 

The best-known technical solutions executed and developed by Tecpresa in Civil Construction and Construction include:

  • Post-tensioning systems
  • Cabling systems
  • Viaduct assembly
  • Railway underpass jacking solutions
  • Heavy lifting maneuvers
  • Structural repair
  • Acoustical engineering


Our Areas of Expertise

Post-Tensioning in Structures

Experts in post-tensioning structures including bridges, viaducts, special strcutures and buildings.

Incremental Launching Bridges

Experts in launching processes and equipment.

Cable-Stayed Bridges

Experts in the construction of cable-stayed bridges.

Lock Coil and Bar Structures

We have a wide experience in projects using locked coil ropes and Bars.

Underpass Jacking Solutions

Experts in road and railway underpass jacking solutions.

Heavy Lifting and Repairing

Experts in all kind of heavy lifting movements with hydraulic jacks.

Acoustical Engineering

We develop methods to reduce or eliminate noise and vibrations.

Tensioning and Post-Tensioning

We are mostly known for our post-tensioning and tensioning techniques. These techniques are often used in large construction work such as bridges, viaducts and singular construction, among others. This technique enables concrete to reach its optimal levels of performance.

Railway Underpass Jacking Solutions

This technique allows trains to run uninterrupted, at low speeds, during construction. We are experts at track bracing, constructing concrete caissons and moving them to their final destination.

Cable-Stayed Structures

Our system for cable-stayed bridges is what stands out the most. We also have a wide range of patents on tensioning steel cables. These are often used in large elements for road infrastructure (such as bridges), cutting-edge airports and singular constructions.

Deck Launching

When it comes to large viaducts, we are specialized in producing a deck in sections (segments) in a manufacturing park, moving it to its final infrastructure and passing it through the piles via a concatenation of special support and jacks. The segments can measure up to 100 meters long (as is the case for the Uztarreta viaduct) and are placed at high altitudes.

Moving Heavy Loads

We have the resources and experience to undertake any type of heavy load movement maneuver with hydraulic jacks (for both new structures and structures that need to be repaired). We develop tailored solutions for the specific needs of each projects.

Jacking Solutions

We are specialized in using this solution to create railway and road underpasses. The jacking method allows us to create the entire structure outside the infrastructure platform and later, by means of a simultaneous excavation and movement phase, the structure is placed in its final position without affecting the existing infrastructure.

Acoustic Impact Studies

We run acoustic impact studies, draw noise maps and generate reports about them.

The goal of our acoustic engineering team is to offset the noise pollution produced by some infrastructures and prevent these types of issues from occurring in new construction projects.

Post-Tensioning in Construction

When we constructed the roof for Terminal 4 at Barajas Airport in Madrid, we designed and developed teams to tension the bar system that supports the curtain wall between the expansion joints. 16 computer-controlled jacks worked simultaneously on lifting and moving the load.

Moving Heavy Loads

For the Broadway viaduct of the Indiana Toll Road, we designed a hydraulic jack system that allowed us to change longitudinal, transversal and curved slopes of 100-meter long sections with elevations of up to 1.5 meters automatically and proportionally so the structure would not be damaged. The system had to operate in 16 points simultaneously with controls on the loads and movement.


Learn More About Our Areas of Specialization

Post-Tensioned Concrete
Cable-Stayed bridges
Railway Underpass Jacking Solutions
Acoustic and Vibration Engineering
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