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Connecting Our World

Developing lasting connections is key to our continued success.

The relationships we form with the people and the world around us support our ability to tackle complex problems, create value, improve outcomes, and expand our impact.


Connected to Communities

Being connected to the communities we serve is integral to our success

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Connected to HS&W

Health, safety, and wellbeing (HSW) are core objectives to our strategy

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Connected to Nature

Focusing on sustainable actions protects value

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Connected to Transformation

Our innovative mindset helps us develop transportation solutions to serve stakeholders

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Cintra’s Report

‘Economic and Community Impact of Ferrovial Toll Roads’ Report

An economic impact report released by a global consulting firm.

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Our connections support our ability to futureproof our portfolio by focusing on safe and sustainable development and operations that prioritize communities, health, safety, and wellness, and natural resources.   

Being connected generates positive impact and fosters connected communities. We leverage the transformative power of innovations to develop and operate quality roadways with innovative safety features that protect roadways users and our teams. We engage and give back to the community to build lasting relationships.   

Building connections with all our stakeholders leads to better results. That’s why we strive to be a transparent business partner that prioritizes acting responsibly, mitigating risks, and focusing on the long term.    

Our Commitment

We pledge to act responsibly, mitigate risks, and focus on the long term to generate positive impacts for our stakeholders today, tomorrow, and well into the future.    

Cintra’s Key Figures from 2023

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  • 21.906B
    Managed Investments
  • 21
  • 1169
    Managed Km
  • 704M
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