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Connected to Health, Safety, & Wellbeing

Health, safety, and wellbeing (HSW) are core objectives to our strategy, implemented to protect the communities we serve as well as each other.

Investing in wellbeing is one of the best investments a company can make. In the high-stakes world of developing and operating roadways, we see clear connection between ensuring our team is healthy and happy so they can excel in the workplace, every day. We focus our strategy into three key points: protecting our users, protecting our people and wellbeing.

Protecting Our Users

Allies in Action

To improve safety on US roadways the US Department of Transportation’s National Roadway Safety Strategy (NRSS) put out a call to action to public and private organizations to help implement the Safe System Approach to make our streets safer for people.  Cintra answered the call, committing to take steps to actively reduce the number of deaths and serious injuries on US roadways. 

As part of the AIVIA Smart Roads program, Cintra is working to detect incidents in near real time by leveraging data from connected vehicles alongside existing detection methods.  Incident information is verified by local traffic management centers and transmitted to emergency service providers, improving response times. Other machine learning tools that predict conditions that may lead to a crash, optimizing the deployment of roadside sensors to improve safety outcomes, and developing behavioral science initiatives to improve the effectiveness of the driver messaging and emergency response are also being studied. 

Measuring our Results

In 2022, we began reporting on two key safety metrics to our stakeholders to increase transparency and drive further internal discussions on actions to enhance the safety benefits our users receive from our roadways.  Visit Ferrovial’s Integrated Annual Report for more details.

Protecting Our People

Annual Leadership Commitment Attestation 

Our health, safety, and wellbeing strategy starts with our leadership and is put into action through a targeted approach that starts with commitment by every member to identify, engage, and take action to mitigate potential risks. We support this through the development of core competencies, ensuring resilience in our team members, and leveraging technology to improve outcomes.  

Our leaders document their individual commitment to Health, Safety, and Wellbeing (HSW). These are shared with all employees as an outward demonstration of leadership commitment. 

Always Safe, Always Ready Initiative

This year-round program empowers Cintra and project team members to stop work if they feel unsafe or observe unsafe practices. Through the development of training, tools, and best practice sharing, we strive to support knowledge and awareness so our teams can execute safely, every day. 

Wellbeing – Coming home feeling better for tomorrow 

Technology Enabled – for a team on the move

Promoting physical, mental, social, and financial health to a global workforce always on the move isn’t easy.  That’s why Cintra has leveraged the Ferrovial-supported Hasavi – United Heros app to foster healthy behavior and create a community to support better work-life balance.  Whether to participate in sports challenges, discover tips and inspiring stories, or monitor progress, employees can access this tool 24-7, anywhere their work may take them.   

In June 2023, Cintra and participating concession employees walked, ran, and biked 23,973.74 miles (~38.581 km) in one month, a 10x improvement over June 2022 participation.key figures3

Continuing Education

Ongoing education is a key component of our approach to enhancing team members wellbeing and aiding in their overall success.  Through an extensive catalog of over 12,000 on-demand educational content, team members can train on a variety of topics such as technology, leadership, innovations, and health and safety. In 2022, our team members completed over 13,000 hours of training, averaging 24.6 hours per person. 

Measuring Success

Cintra employees completed Ferrovial’s Employee Satisfaction Survey that included a wellbeing indicator. Based on those results, employees ranked their overall work satisfaction as an 8 out of 10. 

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