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Our Sustainability Pillars

Sustainability is a key aspect in our activities and the reason why we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our actions, prioritizing the security of persons, contributing to a sustainable development of society, and using innovation as a fundamental instrument for productivity and competitiveness.


From innovative design solutions at the outset of a project, to employing the greenest technologies to carry out the construction stages, our primary goal is to minimize waste and create long-term value for our clients as well as our planet.

We ensure our suppliers and collaborators work in accordance with our Environmental Management System which follows the principles of ISO 14001.

Our environmental policies focus on the compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations. For this reason, in 2019 we managed to achieve a 54% reduction in CO2eq/M€ emissions.

Health & Safety

In our sector, health and safety are vital elements to create a positive and consistent safety culture. Therefore, for each of our projects, we design a project-specific safety plan based upon our years of experience working on similar projects. The plan is custom designed to consider specific elements of each specific project such as location, climate, environmental impact, scope, among others. We utilize our best practices and lessons learned from past experiences and apply them to the safety plan. This allows our safety program to continually evolve, as it incorporates experiences that enhance the safety of all employees and the traveling public.

Thanks to these measures and many others, we have adopted a corporate system based on health and safety under the OHSAS 18001, which is one of the most recognized international standards for the management of worker´s health and safety. This system not only establishes minimum standards and procedures for their applicability through the entire business, but it is also completely flexible; meaning it can adapt to any legal requirements demanded by the countries and clients that we collaborate with.

Looking for an Incident Free Environment

We embrace a holistic approach of implementing the best health and safety practices throughout our organization with our safety program LIFE (Looking for an Incident Free Environment). The program´s goal is to train our employees with the best safety practices and remind them that any decision affecting production, cost and time has to be taken within the context of safety, which is a non-negotiable value.

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    Staff 2018

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    Incident Rate

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    Lost Time

The improvements generated by the adherence to this program have led to us achieve a lower incident rate than the construction industry average and help us to ensure the safety of our staff and travelers under our watch.

Community Involvement

We are vested in the communities in which we work. We do this by hiring local firms and employees, assigning local professionals to leadership roles, and investing in the growth of the communities through the promotion of educational opportunities. Some examples of our community involvement on previous projects include:

  • Investing in a five-year grant to local schools through the National Math and Science Initiative.
  • Hosting students from the University of Texas at Arlington’s student chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers onto the NTE job site.
  • Participating in the Emmett J. Conrad Leadership Program, which provides college students the opportunity to secure and actively participate in internships that will provide them with viable employment experience.


We are dedicated to supporting and improving the local economy by employing local resources for design and construction of all our projects. Under the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program (DBE),we provide meaningful participation for local all types of firms, which is a fundamental aspect for the success of our projects. We provide outreach, bonding and insurance assistance, mentoring and on-the-job training program opportunities.

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