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Characteristics of Sales Positions at Ferrovial


The sales manager at a company is in charge of creating, supervising, and carrying out a solid commercial strategy that offers good results in a given period of time. They also lead the team working on it.

Position activities

  • Set sales objectives to be achieved via the commercial strategy.
  • Create the commercial strategy or sales plan that the company will follow.
  • Lead in recruiting, hiring, and training those who will be part of the sales or commercial team.
  • Define individual and team objectives and advise sales team members.
  • Carry out tests and trials to improve procedures.
  • Constantly analyze company numbers and data on work done by teams to achieve the sales strategy goal.
  • Continually observe current training at the organization for those in charge of sales so that they are all working in line with the established procedure and with the same strategy.
  • Supervision and participation in significant operations.
  • Make forward-looking decisions.
  • Report results and keep the management team up-to-date.

Professional profile

This role within a company requires the following of the individual who occupies it:

  • Capable of taking on a leadership role within the team.
  • Have integrity and a collaborative, supportive spirit.
  • Able to bring out the best in people and be motivating, optimistic, and constructive.
  • Able to make quick, drastic decisions; therefore has self-confidence.
  • Responsibility, as they oversee sales and marketing processes for the company’s services.
  • Doing so requires mastery of technological tools for managing, organizing, and supervising data: CRM mastery.
  • Be organized, methodical, and responsible.
  • Skilled at organizing and addressing tasks.
  • They must have good communication skills, as they will be in constant conversation with different areas, both internal and external to the company (the management team, the advertising team, clients, etc.)

Formal qualifications

  • Intermediate professional training in Administrative Management.
  • Degree in Business Administration or Management (degrees, MBA, etc.)
  • Advanced Degree in Administration and Finance.
  • Marketing and advertising management.
  • Business marketing and management.
  • Degree in marketing.
  • Advertising spaces and sales management.
  • Advanced knowledge of accounting and computer software: Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Word, etc.), knowledge of ERP and CRM software.  
  • Communication skills in various languages.

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